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Compounding Pharmacy

What is it?
Compounding is an art of making customized medications intended to meet every patient’s unique & precise needs.

How Does Compounding Benefit Me?

Compounding is useful to you due of the fact that the medication is tailored entirely to suit your needs when it comes to drugs intake. If the situation somehow arises that you can’t swallow the pills or the drug you need is no longer available from the manufacturer or if you are allergic to certain dyes or preservatives, we are expert in dealing with all sorts of issues and lots more by compounding your medication for you.

Is The Compounding Pharmacy Expensive?

In most of the cases, compounding is not that expensive than commercially available items. The price of the compound generally depends upon the ingredients, the equipment required and the time the pharmacist spends preparing and researching the medication. As a PCCA member, we have access to high grade quality chemicals that tends to lower the costs and lets you become competitive with manufactured products.

Does my Prescriber Know About Compounding?

Compounding is getting increasingly popular within many physicians practices. However many physicians may not be well accustomed of the compounding due to engaging marketing from drug manufacturers. If this seems to be the case, try to discuss with your doctor about why you need compounded medications and if you still have any issues, try to talk to us and we will work with you and your doctor and come with a suitable solution to cater your needs.


Almost all sorts of prescriptions can easily be compounded into a unique formulation just for you. A glance at the things we can include:

  • capsules
  • topical dosage forms (creams, ointments and lotions)
  • dental preparations
  • discontinued combinations
  • flavor specialization
  • lip balms
  • oral suspensions
  • pediatric formulations
  • preservative free formulations
  • rectal and vaginal suppositories
  • vaginal creams
  • veterinary formulations


Are you struggling hard to offer your children the much needed medications? Ottawa Medical Pharmacy can help. Children are more prone to custom compounded prescriptions for varied reasons. First and foremost, most of the children face difficulties in swallowing since the medicines don’t taste so good or it might appear as a high dose. If such is the case we can work in close tandem with your doctor and child to provide a good flavored medicine which your child will find easier and enjoyable. For instance, many medications can be easily included into oral suspension as per your child’s taste and preferences.

Pain Management:

Suffering from sports injuries, arthritis and neuro pain? Ottawa Medical Pharmacy can help! Pain medications and arthritis can invite surplus side effects including GI irritation when taken regularly. We let you combine various effective neuropathic pains you are facing. We let you mix different effective neuropathic pain medications that act on various into one compound to stop all the pain. If needed, talk to our pharmacist to see what we can do to prevent your pain.

Veterinary Compounding:

Does your pet hate taking the pills? Are you trying out all the methods but all your efforts are going in vain? Ottawa Medical Pharmacy can help you win the challenge. Our veterinary medicine can help you benefit substantially from compounding. The drugs for your animal can be compounded into varied dosage forms that are appropriate for your pet’s condition and taste. We understand that all the animals have varied taste and preference and we can work accordingly with you to find out the best suited flavor. For instance, dogs generally prefer the flavor of liver or chicken while cats generally prefer a fish flavored medication. No matter what pets you have- Ranging from cats, dogs and horses to more exotic animals, we can help you out. Give us a call and see the difference!

BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy):

Are you interested in BHRT? Talk to one of our pharmacists to see if it is right for you.