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Methadone Treatment Program

Methadone Treatment Program brings you medically supervised methadone maintenance to help participants reduce and ultimately end the maladaptive use of heroin and other drugs. We provide high quality, personalized care to help get rid of the addictions. At Ottawa medical Pharmacy, patients voluntarily come to the clinic and are treated with great compassion & care. Besides you can expect individual medical care, counseling and support to help improve quality of life and self-sufficiency.

Through the use of methadone, the opiate dependent client can stop the use of opiate-based drugs without experiencing the painful symptoms associated with untreated withdrawal. This is how we give opportunity to individuals in pursuing a positive drug-free lifestyle.

What sets us apart from other pharmacies is that at OMP, we try to encourage the active involvement of our pharmacist in the MMT Program.

We boast of having a team of highly trained and dedicated pharmacist to help monitor the supervised dispensing of the daily methadone dose. Our pharmacist makes it a point to bring you several value added services.